Our History

Chun Wah Kam Noodle Factory was established in 1942, during World War II about two years after the founder, Wah Kam Chun, immigrated to Hawaii from Zhong-Shan, China.

After working in a number of different jobs and learning the trade, Wah Kam decided it was time to try things on his own.

The factory was first located on Kukui Street in Chinatown and then near Dillingham Plaza. Today, the factory is located at 505 Kalihi Street where it makes all the noodles and wrappers for various restaurants and companies on a daily basis.

After decades of flourishing with just noodles and wrappers, the company expanded its product line to traditional items of dim sum including manapua, pork hash and half moon. Today, over 16 different kinds of manapua are produced, by far the most variety and best in town. After the success of the dim sum, the company began offering plate lunches and dinners, and is now known for its large selection of menu items and its big plate lunches.