1) How many choices do I get on my plate lunch?

A: Chun Wah Kam is all about choices! To allow our customers to take advantage of our ever changing plate lunch menu you may choose to split your entree and starch choices without an additional charge! We start with your choice(s) for starch. You may choose one large choice for starch or half that into two smaller choices for both sizes of plates. Then you choose your entree(s). The Mini plate comes with one large entree choice, or, half it into two smaller choices. The Regular plate receives two large entrees, or, four smaller choices.

2) Can I choose "half and half" on my catering pans or a la carte items?

A: No. The option to choose "half and half" is available only on the Mini and Regular plate lunches.

3) How far in advance do I need to call to place a catering order?

A: The majority of our catering menu can be done the same day that the order is placed. However, there are a few items, marked with an asterisks on our Catering Menu that require 24 hour notice.

4) Can I take your product on the airplane? Do you ship?

A: Chun Wah Kam does not ship any of our products. However, many of our customers pick up food to take along on their travels. If you plan to take any products on an airplane, please inform your salesperson so that we may properly pack and/or cool down any items that will be traveling. For mainland travel, we recommend freezing certain items such as manapua.

5) Can I buy uncooked noodles and wrappers directly from your stores and how long do they last?

A: Yes! Chun Wah Kam -- Kalihi makes all of the company's noodles and wrappers fresh from scratch daily and are available at all locations. However, due to demand, if you are planning to pickup an order of raw noodles or wrappers, it would be best to call ahead to be sure that those items are fully stocked at the location from which you'd like to pick up. In the refrigerator, these products will last about a week. If frozen, they will last about a month. Leave product in the refrigerator to thaw.

6) Do you host parties?

A: Yes! Chun Wah Kam -- Kapolei host parites as small as 25 people all the way up to 160. Please see our "Events" page for more information.

7) Do you deliver?

A: Most of our orders are picked up by the customer. However, subject to driver availibility, some exceptions can be made. A delivery fee may apply.

8) What if I want a catering pan of a dish I saw on your lunch line but don't see on your catering menu?

A: Please call or ask a salesperson for pricing information on any dish that you've seen but isn't on our catering menu.

9) What are your best selling manapua?

A: Both steamed and baked char siu have always contended for the number one spot. If you're looking for something different, Chun Wah Kam offers over 17 different types of manapua. Some of our top selling Assorted Manapua filings are Garlic Chicken, Kalua Pig, Shoyu Chicken, and Sweet Potato. If you're looking for a dessert, ask about our popular Bolo Bao, a custard filled manapua with a cookie dough topping!

10) Are you a franchise and do you have any locations on the mainland or neighbor islands?

A: No, we are not a franchise. Chun Wah Kam has been family run since 1942! We are a local shop with four locations across O'ahu.